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Who are we?

The Association of Engineering Education Directors Finland is a link between the managers of the Engineering Education of the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. The association creates opportunities for active discussion and sharing for its members.The goal of the association is to support the development and internationalization of the Finnish Engineering Education.

The association organizes regular events in order to support the networking of its members and provide opportunities to discuss state-of-the-art topics together. These networking events are take often place connected to other seminars dealing with Finnish higher education. Typically, the events include site visits to the hosting university's facilities and to local engineering-focused companies.

All experts responsible for management and development of the Engineering Education of the Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences are welcome to apply for the membership of the association. There are members from almost all UASs of Finland.

Welcome to align the future of the Engineering Education!



Association’s Summer Days 13.-14.8.2019 in Lahti


Associations Winter Days and The Forum of Engineering Education, 26.-28.3.2019, Vaasa (Vaasa UAS)
Association’s Summer Days and Annual Meeting, 15.-16.8.2018, Tampere (Tampere UAS)
Associations Winter Days, 17.-19.4.2018, Kittilä, Wellevi (Lappi AMK)
Association’s Summer Days and Annual Meeting, 16.-17.8.2017, Raasepori (Novia UAS)
Associations Winter Days and The Forum of Engineering Education, 21.-23.3.2017, Lahti (Lahti UAS)


The Rectors’ Conference of Finnish UASs ARENE
CDIO Initiative
Confederation of Finnish Industries
FEANI – European Federation of National Engineering Associations
Union of Professional Engineers in Finland
OECD Education
Ministry of Education and Culture Finland
SEFI – European Society for Engineering Education
Technology Industries of Finland
Union of UAS Engineering Education Teachers – TOOL ry

BOARD 2018-2019

Silja Kostia Silja Kostia
Lahti UAS
(1st year)
Hannu Kivilinna Hannu Kivilinna
Tampere UAS
Deputy member: Jari-Pekka Rontu, Oulun UAS
(2nd year)
Hannu Kähkölä
Lappi UAS
Deputy member: Anne Norström, Turku UAS
(1st year)
Mats Lindholm Mats Lindholm
Novia UAS
Deputy member: Kim Roos, Novia UAS
(1st year)
Jorma Tuominen
Vaasan AMK
Varajäsen: Janne Salonen, Metropolia AMK

Hallituksen jäsenen toimikausi on kaksi vuotta. Yllä suluissa on merkitty varsinaisten jäsenten kaudet; toista vuotta hallituksessa olevat ovat erovuoroisia seuraavassa vuosikokouksessa.

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